Parfum Amica Mea

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Amica Mea

\ aˈmi.ka-m’ea \ [noun]
“My love”.

Character: An intense floral combined with warm woody notes and a hint of creamy sweetness.

Memory: Experiencing a Mayan inspired love ritual in Mexico sensuality became even stronger when night fell and the surrounding tuberose started to open. 

Emotion: Sensuality being enforced by the intoxication of the Tuberose. Taking you back to dreamy moments. A natural desire for intimacy.

Key Notes: Tuberose  |  Basilic  |  White oud

Top Notes: Neroli  |  Orange  |  Basilic

Heart Notes: Tubereuse  |  Ylang ylang  |  Iris

Base Notes: Sandelwood  |  Tonka  |  White oud.